Corporate Social Responsibility

A MADAR (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED strives to be a socially responsible corporate citizen and believes in pursuing people-centered development.
A MADAR (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED is a socially committed business group and wishes to honor the social responsibilities to the communities where our projects are located and to the society at large by

  • Conducting business responsibly by contributing to the economic growth and sustainable development of the communities in which we operate.
  • Offering healthy and safe working conditions to our employees, and ensuring fair compensation and good communication as well as equal opportunity for growth and value addition.
  • Ensuring preservation of the environment and natural resources by executing projects in strict compliance with required regulation and industry norms.

Services to socio economic development:

  • A MADAR (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED has setup a hospital to cater to provide access to free and economic healthcare system.
  • We have directly and indirectly paved way to new job opportunities and created close to 60 thousand jobs for citizens in various sectors of employment.
  • We constantly contribute to education and training programmes.
  • We provide free water supply to villages where there is scarcity of drinking water.
  • We have been instrumental is providing inter village road connectivity.