Journey so far

The journey to A MADAR (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED dates to about two decades back with the formation of ALMADAR Enterprises which gradually transformed to ALMADAR Iron Trading Company. Subsequently, the company name was changed to ALMADAR and was finally incorporated as A MADAR (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED and is engaged in infrastructure and industrial development projects involving land procurement, promotion, construction and maintenance of roads and highways, construction of bridges, erection of transmission lines, as well as commercial and residential complexes.
The key clients of the Company include various Government Undertakings, State Public Works Departments as well as State and Central Public Sector Undertakings. The Company was initially engaged in trading & in the later years decided to venture into the promotion and construction business.
The company has completed 112 industrial projects over 2862 Acres of land in the last few years and is currently engaged in developing a solar power project and and industrial infra over a stretch of 3792 Acres of land in the southern part of the Country. The Company has serviced many reputed clients like Wipro Infrastructure, Berger paints, KIA MOTORS and MRPL.